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ARE YOU EATING FAKE FOOD? Where does your food come from? If you don’t know, you are most likely eating fake food.


It is becomingly increasingly difficult to avoid fake food. Many ask how is this happening? ARE YOU EATING FAKE FOOD ? If you are wondering I hope you will be encouraged to at least read this article right now. Deal?

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Are You Eating Fake Food
Fast Food/Fake Food


Most of the food shelves in Grocery Stores  contain additives, food color, artificial ingredients and preservatives.  Why is this important to us?

Do you remember hearing you are what you eat? Although that is true. It is much more serious than that.

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The fact is what you eat is the weapon you own to fight disease. You may have noticed obesity is growing,  people are sicker, and health care is more expensive. All which have to be paid for and it may be you.

The food industry has noticed that we area bit more concerned about our health.  In response they have produced false food claims because they can.

Unfortunately the FDA is run very loosely (politics), and doing it with full knowledge that it is effecting America’s health. Vote.

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 FAKE FOOD SCAMS | Are You Eating Fake Food?

Are you hungry? Yes! But don’t eat them! Vivid fake food, artificial bread, cake, donuts, bagels and much more! Look at this supposedly delicious food in front of your eyes.

Are You Eating Fake Food

Fake food, Olmsted says, … “That’s the story with seafood.” He cites a 2012 study of New York City seafood done by scientists at Oceana, …

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We have learned that bran and germ is where we get fiber, vitamins, and minerals. White Flour has been stripped of vital nutrients that are necessary but removed. You know this and you buy whole grains and guess what… barely 10% are actually whole grains? Criminal, yes.

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The FDA forever has not defined what “All Natural” means except they say it doesn’t contain artificial flavors or synthetics. However the FDA authorizes the distribution of high fructose corn syrup. Further feedlots are full of cattle which we know to live a life of growth hormones, antibiotics, and GMO corn.

So, what do we do with all this going against us?

What are our choices?

Well the first thing is when  you go to the grocery store, a healthy choice practice is to only purchase things that are on the outside walls of the store. Why? All the processed food will be in the center of the store. Why? It is more way more profitable. Let’s not forget much more unhealthy.

If you find yourself away from the outside walls in the Grocery Store learn to be well versed in reading food labels. Practice will make perfect of your knowledge what the labels really mean from a health standpoint.


Americans are leaving the supermarket and are making friends with direct sources at Farmer’s Markets, and choosing to grow their own food. As you have probably noticed there are more participants in these activities. Consumers are smart and are making the change in their defense.

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Protect Your Family

    • Find a Farmer – Develop a Relationship
    • Try Farmers Markets
    • Find more Sources
    • Don’t give up

Track Your Nutrition & Health Data with

Organic Food tastes better, looks better, and is better for you… It is just better!

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Look forward to interesting alternatives and information that will help you in the pursuit of a Healthy Lifestyle.


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  1. JenJen

    The information in this article is so true! I think a lot of people realize this, but it is just so much easier to eat these things because of their accessibility. It’s even worse that some fast food places are getting away with what they can “food”. And half the time, you still feel hungry afterwords. Shouldn’t that be a sign right there! And fiber is so important. Great info, thanks for sharing.

    • Jen, you are on the money… Unless we know what we are eating which is under our control, inevitably we will be eating junk food.

      It is important to think long term because there are serious issues we are inheriting from the foods we eat. I lived long enough now to see the results from those I care about. Someone once said to me… You get one body… Don’t mess it up.

      • Hi Jen,

        Following up. How is you food journey coming along? Your post was amazingly accurate. What are you doing for fiber?

        Again thanks for your contribution.

  2. isaacisaac

    You’re are definitely right on the store layout thing. Most of the cheap junks are placed in the middle, while the more expensive but natural stuffs are near the walls lol!

    Guess shopping marts knows these natural stuffs are not that popular.

    But we can always read labels off package good. How about poultry, nest, and vegetables? It’s quite hard to see any labels on those things. Fruits and vegetables are notorious on usage of pesticides on them. Do you have any advice on how to pick natural fruits and vegetables?

    • Robert ClackRobert Clack

      Hi Isaac… thanks for the comment… Yes… the stores know their layout well and is designed for profit…Fresh will be on the outside… Processed inside… Fresh Food … outside wall.

      For advice on fruit & vegetables… First choose Organic.. although some say nutrition is about the same… for the most part they have an agenda or are influenced by it. Wash well with plenty of water… Some say 1 cup vinegar to 3 cups water. Plenty of fresh water should do the job.

      I grew Organic for several years for Market…The growers around me were not… Organic grows the soil… most non-organic commercial growers destroy the soil. Where would you want your roots growing your food?

  3. VanessaVanessa

    Thanks for this enlightening article. The good news is that more people are aware of crap food and we now have more organic produce in the grocery stores than we did a few years ago. However I do want to point out that just because something is labeled as organic it doesn’t mean it’s healthy either. I see so much “vegan, organic” junk food like chips, protein bars (they are full of sugar!), crackers and other treats that are just as bad for us.

    • Robert ClackRobert Clack

      Yes Vanessa, right on the money. Processed food of any kind is crap food, even though there is more scrutiny with the Organic. Organic is growing and more of that will come to the market because of the popularity. Consumers should vote with their pocketbook on this. Spread the word.

  4. KristinKristin

    No doubt! I try really hard to eat only organic foods but it sure can be hard. As you mentioned in your article a lot of food companies claim organic when they are not and get away with it. I like your suggestion about only shopping on the outside aisles of the grocery stores. What other steps can you suggest in order to live organically ?

    • Robert ClackRobert Clack

      Hey Kristin. Thanks for the Comment.

      You asked about steps to live organically.

      Easy answer.

      1. Don’t eat anything processed. Large companies want big profits. So processed Organic will not be on outside isles.

      2. Make sure the Whole Foods are labeled organic (Look for 9 first) from scan label

      3. Read all the Organic articles here.

      4. Check out “All things Organic” Stay for hours…

      Kristin, appreciate your enthusiasm. The effort is worth it. We only get one body. Don’t mess it up. 🙂

      Have a Happy, Healthy Day


      Always feel free to communicate. Look forward to it.

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