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Lose Weight The Healthy Way | Organic Lifestyle

What are your questions about losing weight? We all have them.  Here at the Organic Hangout we are going to share “Lose Weight The Healthy Way”.

I get many comments and questions about losing weight. What I have found over time is that the subject has many facets to it that have been moving targets over the years. Of course this is a complex topic which makes it so interesting. You may be one of the many who have been on a diet lost some weight, lost interest, and found after trying again the weight didn’t come off, or much slowly.

Lose Weight The Healthy Way | Use the apply on the scale

Lose Weight The Healthy Way

To keep it simple, most of the time while you lost weight you lost muscle during that time and your metabolism slowed. In addition fat creates a factor by secreting a hormone called leptin. It the level of leptin lowers your body fat and starts thinking it is starving which will then increase your hunger feeling and possibly slow your metabolism.

You may know people or yourself who lose weight, stop for period of time, then gain it all back.

Most people lose weight, stall, then gain it back. Sadly studies show that very few people are successful in keeping the weight off permanently, although with surgery it can actually be achieved. Although there are issues there as well. For sure.

The National Weight Control Registry is a database which looks at people who have lost weight without surgery. Here are some common qualities:

  • Successful dieters do not go on crash diets
  • They more likely follow a low fat diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • They exercise as it is part of every day life.
  • They do not skip breakfast.

Here are eight main things your should keep in mind when trying to lose weight.

1) Genetics do play a large part.

Genetically people distribute fat in different areas and have different metabolism and different hunger levels. You really should try not to compare to others.

2) Even a little weight loss makes a huge difference to health.

Studies show that losing just 10% of your weight can really help with reducing metabolic diseases.

3) You have to set goals.

People set very vague goals and most are only concerned with the scale. Many goals are not realistic. It is a fine line but you have to set goals that will push you past your current situation but that will not break you. People are always telling me that their goals are to have a 6 pack abs. That is not always realistic.

Lose Weight The Healthy Way | Beautiful Grapefruit & pomegranites will help you lose weightFruit

4) Plant based lower fat diets.

You don’t have to be vegetarian, although studies do show that vegetarians and vegans tend to weigh less. High protein low carb diets achieve short term success but almost always fail long term.

Diets rich in fruits vegetables, legumes, and grains, are satisfying due to their fiber content and yet provide few calories.

It is important to actually eat a lot when eating fruits and veggies. I see people that are so used to portion control that they eat tiny salads and wonder why they are hungry. Beauty of eating foods high in fiber and water is you can eat a lot. The science behind plant based diets for weight loss is VERY strong.


5) Watch out for oils.

Oils are very calorie dense. People spray their “Low Calorie” PAM cooking spray all over their pan not realizing the serving size for the PA spray is1/4 second spray. Oils are a killer when it comes to hidden calories. Some are 100+ cal per tablespoon!

6) Do not fear real food carbs.

Potatoes are the mainstay of many of the healthiest societies and in scientific studies are the most satiating food you can eat. Sweet Potatoes is a terrific choice for your Health and Diet Plan.

7) You HAVE to move.

Way too many people work out 3 days a week and do nothing the rest of the time. You need to keep your metabolism running well. Track yourself. I love pedometers. Achieve getting 10,000 steps a day and enjoy the progress made in your fitness. That would be enough to keep you healthy.

That would all probably be enough, but if you really want more…

Lose Weight the Healthy Way | Exercising with Kettle bells is a good way to get fit

8) You gotta exercise. Yes, you gotta exercise.

The goal should be to build muscle which increases your metabolism, which burns calories. Science suggests 150 minutes a week, although some think it should be more, depends on your goals.

I think 3 days a week of cardio activity keeping heart rate at 180-age for 30-45 minutes is good.

Then 1-2 days should be high intensity intervals. This involves an all out effort for a short period, 20-30 seconds. Rest and repeat.

Then 2-3 days a week actually lifting weights to strengthen bones and build muscle and strength.

Organic Coconut Uses | 20 TIPS |

Lose Weight The Healthy Way | Personal Journey | Organic Lifestyle

In my 50’s I was able to really transform myself.

I woke up one day and finally looked in the mirror to see a fat boy. My efforts had been put into pretending I was taking care of my body. Knowledge is only potential power and I had chosen to not acknowledge what needed to be done. Not very bright, right? Each one of us can find our way to health.  I just hope for many that they find it soon enough. Don’t wait.

My excuse like many was if I have a physique with muscle your fit. Ha. Unfortunately there are too many that will say “You look great” unfortunately they really do not have your health in mind. Often, they want you to stay unfit so they don’t feel uncomfortable. So,  I continued to disguise the parts of me that were soft, and others that were just simply fat. You probably know many that fit into the category I just described. It really doesn’t matter how much we need to restore our self, your body will tell you, if we just listen to it.

Would you walk around with weights 20, 40, or 100 lb weights (fat) with you for all to see? I finally decided it is better to lose it than carry it around.

There have been different directions the path has been over the years. Sound familiar?

Food Education | Lose Weight The Healthy Way

Learning the way through this food maze when trying to win is very confusing. Most of you know that. Everyone (Friends, Family, Strangers) has the right answer. Finally, after things settled down it started to get simpler. So, after a period I arrived back at the beginning. Genesis 1:29-30

What is that? Whole Foods Plant Based as it was intended for us. The food that has always been here. It is the food that has stood the test of time. It is the food that nourishes us without creating addition health issues, the courtesy of many, etc. I will leave it there, for now.

natural organic products

Today | Lose Weight The Healthy Way

The result. I am fit & healthy, virtually never hungry, never been on a diet. That doesn’t mean I don’t know what I am eating. Good habits end up being on auto-pilot. The food is so satiating naturally while tasty at the same time. Hard to imagine that my ideal was a 24 oz steak?

The most important goal I set was to “get stronger every year”. So far, (nearing 70) I can say that I am on a streak of maintaining that string. I set many goals and every time I reach a finish line I view it not as an end, but as a beginning to my next challenge.



Track Your Nutrition & Health Data

Suggestions | Lose Weight The Healthy Way

  • Walk as much as possible. Parking far away, always taking the stairs, taking dog for walk, etc.
  • I lift weights 3x/week, take walks 6x wk, with one walk being long, 5+ mi. Do not compare. It took time to build up to that. Don’t make anything an obstacle for yourself.

This has worked for me. Your plan could be less or more. The important thing is to stick with it and like the results.

There are even thoughts of Iron Man, or Cross Fit at 70, although it is approaching fast. However you may be the next star! Seriously!

This has given me great success & solace. I can only hope for you that you will find the path for yourself. I know one thing for sure. You can do it. IF I can do it. You can. So, just do it. Bless you, your loved ones, and your efforts.

Appreciate your visit.

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  1. PenelopePenelope

    Thanks for sharing your story about weight loss in your 50s. I agree that genetics belongs at the top of the list, and I’m glad to see you put it there. I think much of our physique is luck of the draw, although we have SOME influence if we have GREAT discipline. Humans survived through famine and hunger precisely because of our desire to stock up on all the sweets and tasty things in periods of excess food availability. Sad we have to reconcile this drive with the abundance of modern life.

    • Robert ClackRobert Clack

      Hi Penelope,

      Thank you for the comment. Sometimes in telling a story or writing an article your point is not made clear. This is one of those times. I agree that genetics is at the top of the list. That is not an excuse to not be fit. Yes, there were times in history that people who grew their waistline as a sign of influence or wealth. It was not a healthy choice then or now.

      The U.S. has become an example of how not to take care of your health and qualifies as the sickest nation in the World with one of finest/most expensive medical systems in the World. We are in a broken system but we don’t have to broken. There was a time I was oblivious to how this was being done to us and what we are doing to ourselves. No longer.

      Whole Foods Plant based way of eating can circumvent all the wrongs the systems in place put in front of us.

      Thank you for your comment. It is wonderful to be reminded once more. We are still in charge of our choices.
      A reminder…

      Successful dieters do not go on crash diets
      They more likely follow a low fat diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.
      They exercise as it is part of every day life.
      They do not skip breakfast.

      Have a Happy, Healthy Day!


  2. Josh ElleryJosh Ellery

    Wow, this probably one of the most honest and helpful articles about losing weight, and believe me I’ve read a lot. I love what you say about genetics, I do naturally tend to hold more weight than others and I eat much less than most of the people I know. The oils are also very dangerous, they have a lot of calories and can be easily overconsumed

    • Robert ClackRobert Clack

      Thanks for the comment Josh.

      You mentioned genetics from the article. We all have them and as you know it is not an excuse. Like most things take it a day at a time. If you or anyone else is holding weight make sure you build muscle to burn calories 24/7. You mentioned oil… Organic Coconut if you are going to have any at all. Try to avoid them till you arrive at the weight you want. Use water for cooking rather than oil… Balsamic for salads.

      Work on developing you knowledge which it sounds like you well ahead of most.

      Be patient. Work Hard. Never Give UP.

  3. Wilson C.Wilson C.

    Hi Robert,

    I am having issue of gaining weight rapidly, mostly due to my routine of working long hours, sitting in front of my desk and no control of my diet. I eat out mostly and have no time to cook after work.

    I started to work out but the weight is still increasing. I believe my problem comes from what I consume daily.

    Can I ask for your help to recommend me what kind of meals I should eat for my dinner that is filling at able to help me to lose weight?

    • Robert ClackRobert Clack

      Hi Wilson, thanks for the comment.

      You have assessed the problem you have quite well.

      1. Take 30 minutes and walk every day.

      2. Eat only Whole Foods Plant Based foods… Easy to cook, easy to find, fill you up, eat all you want.

      3. Find someway to walk 60 minutes a day.

      4. Take another 15 minutes a day and do basic exercise.

      Read these books, The China Study, How Not to Die, The Whole Foods Diet

      You can find them at the bottom of each page… Bit of an coincidence. Although they are the best on Whole Foods Plant Based…. Good Luck my friend. Touch base any time.


  4. ElianeEliane

    Great advice here!

    I couldn’t agree more with you when you say that we need to set realistic goals. And in my opinion, I’d rather not think about how many kilos (or pounds) I want to lose. What keeps me more motivated is thinking that I want to fit a specific clothing or I want to wear a number “X” size of jeans.

    This has worked for me! 😀

    Now, regarding oils… In your opinion, is extra virgin olive oil healthy or not? I’ve heard so many opposite opinions about this issue lately that I don’t know what to think anymore.


    • Robert ClackRobert Clack

      Thanks for your comment…

      Hope your goals are going well. We all have different things that motivate us. I hope that your health which effects so many things besides ourselves will be a healthy priority.

      Olive Oil. First it and other oils are filled with calories that could be filled with much more nutritious foods. On the other hand if calories are managed then oils have a place. In that case I would prefer Coconut Oil… Has so many uses. Finally on this subject, there are magnificent Olive Oils… which you will pay dearly for… And the taste is marvelous… Making it worth it. 🙂

      So there ya go. Pop in anytime. Have a Healthy, Happy Day!

  5. sharonsharon

    I am wanting to lose weight and reading your post will hopefully help me, i don’t really know much about what to eat and what not to eat to be honest.
    I seriously do not like exercise , sounds bad i know , i do like walking so would that help me?
    Obviously i want to lose weight the healthy way, i agree with you saying about sticking to it that is my problem i don’t:(
    After reading this i think it has given me some hope:)

    • Robert ClackRobert Clack

      Hi Sharon, Hope all is well with you this wonderful day.

      I like this quote, “If it is to be, it is up to me”. Thousand of times that has helped me through a rough patch. Dieting is not fun which I know vicariously. Although I was heavier (understatement) at another time I knew that diets don’t work. They still don’t. Until we are ready to make a lifestyle change that got is where we are… It will be frustration.

      Mine I described on the website if you are interested. However I can tell you now… We have to be convinced and convicted to make a change.

      I would encourage you to do the right thing for your body (we only get one) before it starts not to like you back. My experience has convinced me a Whole Food, Plant Based Diet is the safest, most healthy, for a lifetime. Probably adding 10 healthy years to your life.

      I will leave it there.

      Have a Happy, Healthy Day!


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