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If you were to go into my refrigerator you would wonder where all the food is. The other wonder is why is the Top Shelf packed full. That shelf is full of Nuts, Seeds, Chia, Maca Powder, Flax Meal, and more. Do you feel the love? The rest of the refrigerator is fairly empty because it is kind of the landing area. Leaving room for the working space for fresh meals every day. Finally you would usually see some leftovers which are re-purposed in the next meal in some way.

My favorite meal is breakfast generally which usually lasts till noon or later. This explains further the interior of the refrigerator.

Organic Coconut Uses | 20 TIPS |

Shopping Food Stores | Top Organic Foods I Love

I visit several stores during the week. Mostly because I am looking for healthy good deals and sometimes to just see anything that is new. Sometimes I ask about specials and what is coming in… important stuff.

However, even though that is my history, make sure you monitor food items regularly to make sure you have them in the pantry. Availability is critical to proper food choices. Knowledge is power. Choose to never be in a position to be tempted for something that is not healthy.

Online Shopping | Top Organic Foods I Love

Due to my rural location online shopping has been a wonderful convenience. For several years I have built a storehouse of knowledge on buying online. Many people have contributed to the growth and experience which has been the best advisor. The experience has provided product availability not regularly in stock or getting better prices than in stores. Also, the ability to purchase in bulk to fill the pantry provides the flexibility to purchase a comfortable amount. Which, can be obtained gradually or large quantities at a time.

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Let’s get started…..

top organic foods
Coconut Oil – Wooden Spoon

Coconut Oil | Top Organic Food I Love

I cook almost exclusively with coconut oil. The aroma, taste, how it stands up under heat, even though I primarily cook under low heat, makes it easily my first choice. But wait, there is more… I am usually taking a tablespoon into my mouth for a miniature “oil pulling” with the Coconut Oil, while I am cooking away.  Always feel better after that.

Best Organic Coconut Oil | A Guide |

Also coconut oil  is the predominant  ingredient in the lotion I make which includes Olive Oil, Essential Oil, (peppermint, or lavender),  or both which is crazy good. IF you haven’t done this, give it a try. It is wonderful for your overall health. Coconut oil is well known for other health benefits and find other ways to use it in my daily life. As you know, skin is our largest organ and the most visible. Coconut oil does a body good and all it shows up on the outside.

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Top Organic Foods I love


What a great source of protein and so much more. Many believe it is the “World’s Most Perfect Food”.

I boil a dozen eggs each week or more and they find there way into salads, snacks, the occasional egg to my Golden Retriever. Organic Eggs are awesome. Did you know eggs have 6 grams of high-quality protein and that a protein packed breakfast helps sustain mental and physical energy throughout the day? That’s good news for people of any age!

Egg Nutrition 

Health Benefits of Organic Eggs | Lets Go

Top Organic Foods I love



Make sure to get Wild Caught. It is the best choice. Get Wild Caught or you may be getting fake food from many of the other salmon choices. Enough of that, for now.

Whether it is with a Salad, occasional Sandwich, Main Entree, or any other excuse I can think of, Wild Caught in on the Menu. There are dizzying amount of ways to prepare it. Further, all of the the nutrition is an amazing bonus. If you are not a fan, take a look at the nutrition and develop a taste for it. Many people wonder …, “How can it be that nutritious if it tastes that good.”

Yes, you may have to step up your game if you have not cooked salmon much. A simple guideline, less is more.

Many people I know just use salt & pepper with a little squeezed lemon after cooking with great results.  However, do the research and you will become a Top Chef with the versatility of Salmon. Enjoy.


A four ounce portion of Wild Caught Salmon provides:

  • Vitamin B12 (236% daily recommended value)
  • Vitamin D (127%)
  • Selenium (78.3%)
  • Vitamin B3 (56.3&)
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids (55%)
  • Protein (53.1%)
  • Phosphorus (52.1%)
  • Vitamin B6 37.6%
  • Iodine (21.3%)
  • Choline (19.2%)
  • Vitamin B5 (18.4%)
  • Biotin (15.1%)
  • Potassium (14%)

Nutritional Profile of Wild Caught Salmon


top organic foods I love


According to various pieces of research that I’ve seen, cacao contains the highest amount of antioxidants of any food on the planet.

I use cacao in salads… really love crunch and flavor with cereal every morning. Also, my Buckwheat Pancakes couldn’t do without them and cacao frequently find themselves occupying new uses daily. I love it.

More information on Cacao

According to one study, cacao had a role as a chemo preventive agent based on the antioxidant capacities. It contains high levels of phenolics exhibiting the highest antioxidant activity. The results show cacao is more beneficial than either teas or red wine.

Cacao is the tree which produces cacao nibs called that because they come from the Cacao tree. Cocoa is ground Cacao. So, Cocoa powder comes from cacao nibs or cacao plant/tree.

If you are eating lots of fruits and vegetables that is great and that will produce a lower risk of heart disease and stroke. Interestingly, this same quality is also found in cacao. Further, it has positive effects on lowering blood pressure, improving vascular function… and more. It is well know for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities.



The following is the nutritional facts for raw organic cacao powder (1 ounce)

  • Calories – 120
  • Calories from fat – 23
  • Total fat – 2.5g (4% DV)
  • Saturated fat – 1.5g (7% DV)
  • Sodium – 20mg (1% DV)
  • Total Carbohydrates – 19.0g (6% DV)
  • Dietary fiber – 7.0g (28% DV)
  • Protein – 5g
  • Calcium – 4% DV
  • Iron – 16% DV
  • Vitamin A – 0%
  • Vitamin C – 0%

top organic foods I love


Not only is palm sugar low on the glycemic index but it is a very sustainable alternative sweetener. I am pretty much obsessed with palm sugar these days and love its mild sweetness. Plus, it is super-easy to travel with.

The standout health benefits are impressive, the performance even better.

Routinely, I find the palm sugar replacing any sweetness in almost every situation and it performs much better. Buckwheat Pancakes get a little sprinkle just before serving and not only looks great, it tastes even better. Baked beans of any kind would benefit if you give it some a standout real depth of flavor.

Adding to coffee or tea would be a personal preference of course, but I would definitely give it a try. You may be a fan after you taste the additional flavor . I have somewhat lost my sweet tooth years ago. Palm Sugar has me interested in adding to foods for its unique nutrition while providing according to my taste buds a mild smoky inference… not smoky but near that taste. Intriguing.

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Analysis of Nutritive Values

The Philippine Food and Nutrition Research Institute released the following information about their analysis of nutritive values found in coconut palm sugar.   This information is based on averages that we obtained from publicly available databases, primarily found on the internet.


Macro-nutrients (mg / 100gm) Coconut Palm Sugar Agave Syrup Honey Maple Syrup Brown Sugar Refined, White Sugar
Nitrogen (N) 202 NA NA NA 10 0
Phosphorus (P) 79 7 4 2 3 0
Potassium  (K) 1,030 1 52 234 65 2.5
Calcium (Ca) 8 1.5 6 67 24 6
Magnesium (Mg) 29 1 2 14 7 1
Sodium (Na) 45 1 4 9 2 1
Chloride (Cl) 470 NA NA NA 16 10
Sulfur (S) 26 NA NA NA 13 2
Boron (B) 0.6 NA NA NA 0
Zinc (Zn) 2 0.2 0.2 4.2 .2 0.1
Manganese (Mn) 0.1 0.1 0.1 3.3 .2 0
Iron (Fe) 2 1 0.4 1.2 1.26 0.1
Copper (Cu) 0.23 0.1 0 0.1 0 0
Thiamine 0.41 0 0 0 0 0
Vitamin C 23.4 0.5 0.5 0 0 0

Sources:  COMPARISON OF THE ELEMENTAL CONTENT OF 3 SOURCES OF EDIBLE SUGAR –  Analyzed by PCA-TAL, Sept. 11, 2000.  (MI Secretaria et al, 2003) in parts per million (ppm or mg/li).

Health Attributes of Palm Sugar Nutrients:

Macro-nutrients Health benefits provided by these nutrients
Nitrogen (N) help treat cardiovascular diseases
Phosphorus (P) important for bone growth, kidney functions and and cell growth
Potassium  (K) reduces hypertension, helps regulate blood sugar, helps control cholesterol levels and weight
Calcium (Ca) vital for strong bone and teeth, and for muscle growth
Magnesium (Mg) essential for metabolism, nerves and stimulates the brain (memory)
Sodium (Na) plays a key role in the functioning of nerves and muscles
Chloride (Cl) corrects the pressure of body fluids and balance the nervous system
Sulfur (S) important for healthy hair, skin and nails, also helps maintain oxygen balance for proper brain function.
Boron (B) essential for healthy bone and joint function, enhances body’s ability to absorb calcium and magnesium
Zinc (Zn) called the “nutrient of intelligence” is necessary for mental development
Manganese (Mn) has antioxidant, free-radical-fighting properties, is important for proper food digestion and for normal bone structure
Iron (Fe) vital for the quality of blood, mental development and the immune system
Copper (Cu) helps to release energy, helps in melanin production in the skin, helps in the production of red blood cells and aid in the absorption and transport of iron.

top organic foods I love


CHIA SEEDS Named one of the Top 5 organic food trends of 2011.

Chia seeds are an incredible source of protein, and I use them in smoothies and for puddings. It is also added to my cereal every morning except Sunday when I add them to my Buckwheat Pancakes. Fabulous.

The Power Packed Chia seeds as an add-on that can be enjoyed in most everything. My additional favorites are salads and omelettes. Although many I know make it a regular in their smoothies.

Nutritional Benefits of Chia Seeds |

 Chia Seed Nutrition Profile

The reason Chia seeds are so beneficial is due to them being rich in fiber, omega-3 fats, protein, vitamins and minerals such as (1):

  • Dietary fiber (11g – 42% recommended daily value)
  • Protein (4.4g – 9% RDV)
  • Omega-3 fatty acids (4915 mg)
  • Omega-6 fatty acids (1620 mg)
  • Calcium (77 mg – 18% RDV)
  • Copper (0.1 mg – 3% RDV)
  • Phosphorus (265 mg – 27% RDV)
  • Potassium (44.8 mg – 1% RDV)
  • Zinc (1.0 mg – 7% RDV)

Chia also contains essential fatty acids alpha-linolenic and linoleic acid, mucin, strontium, Vitamins A, B, E, and D, and minerals including sulphur, iron, iodine,  magnesium, manganese, niacin, thiamine, and they are a rich source of anti-oxidants.

Summary | Top Organic Foods I love

Brain Foods List | Foods That Make YOU Smarter

I hope you enjoyed this brief overview of some “Top Organic Foods That I Love” that are important to us all. Day be day in every way we are getting better if we are eating Organics that are Whole Foods Plant Based. That is the key to our Health

Have a Happy, Healthy Day!

Thank You for your comment BELOW


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  1. VanessaVanessa

    Great post! For the past 3 years I also cleaned up my diet a lot after my health went downhill (I’m in my late twenties). I was raised on Polish cuisine and while my mom used to make “light” meals, I grew up eating very little vegetables. I used to be addicted to sugar too.

    I ditched the coffee for good and now consume daily green juices, chia, hemp hearts and other superfoods and I feel so much better and I would never ever go back to my previous diet! Ever since I was kid, eggs would make sick but since trying organic free range eggs I can now eat one daily no problem!

    I used to supplement my Omegas but now I will be switching to salmon once a week. And you are right, it’s delicious with simply salt and pepper and pinch of lemon juice. The only problem I have with salmon is that I find it very heavy on the stomach. Do you have any tips how I can lessen that feeling?

    • Robert ClackRobert Clack

      Hey Vanessa thanks for your comment. Most of us have a very interesting journey and it sounds like yours fall into that category as well. Growing up for me in the Midwest in the States heavy food. Heavy food will eventually produce heavy people although we did not have the nutritional deficit in the average diet.

      Salmon…I love it. What I do and may work for you is just making sure I have a 4 oz. serving which usually mean I am cutting it up for three meals for the week. Remember Wild Caught only and even then check out the supplier. Alaskan Salmon Wild Caught is about the safest if you haven’t shopped… All the Best.

  2. jeffrey16201jeffrey16201

    Thank You

    Very interesting article on organic foods, I often wonder how do we really know we are buying organic products for sure?

    I do try to eat as natural as possible, this change has improved my health and my life. I consume grass-fed meats, when I can I buy organic but it is not always easy to find organic in my area and I am not sure about purchasing organic foods online……….what are your thoughts about ordering organic food online?

    • Robert ClackRobert Clack

      Hey Jeffrey… Thanks for the comment. We should always be concerned about Organics and its authenticity. We however can be assured other choices would be worse by far in nearly every case.

      I empathize with you and finding Organics although it is getting easier for sure with the growth of the market. It is a learning process for sure although for starters just make sure the Organic Certification is on the front of the packaging…. Look for the code on produce leading with a “9”. The U.S. is small potatoes to the World Wide market and we need to be open to purchasing that produce

      Online – Definitely. I have the same location challenges and most Organic produce is purchased with the selection available and the rest is the SAFE 15 conventional when desperate. Most all pantry items that I have has been purchased through Amazon. Initially I started slow checking everything out with extensive research and have gained confidence as that evolved.

      I do home this helps. Eating safe is literally a battle with all the conventional subterfuge that is so pervasive. Good news is you feel great after winning the battle! Good luck my friend.

      Oh…. GROW YOUR OWN.

  3. RikaRika

    Hi Robert. I am always looking for good organic foods for my diet. The problem is organic foods are sometimes very expensive and not always easily available. Due to my busy schedule, I do not have the time to shop around for the best options.

    Your post is very informative and I now have a good idea what to look for.

    I have 2 questions:

    I do not like the taste of coconut and therefore does not use coconut oil. Can you maybe recommend something that comes close?

    I love Salmon and mostly eat it in Sushi. I am not a fan of the cooked version. Is it better to eat Salmon raw or cooked?



    • Robert ClackRobert Clack

      Thank you for your comment Rika.

      First of all, Organic foods are not expensive, conventional foods are cheap. Yes, you can learn how to purchase Organic food at a lower price. What you can’t do is remove the systemic dangers in conventional foods.

      Perhaps you should consider purchasing online and setting up suitable auto-delivery for your needs.

      Coconut Oil. Have you tried refined? You can purchase it Certified Organic and provides most of the benefits has less taste & scent. Coconut is unique. Try top quality Certified Organic Olive Oil.

      Salmon. It is better for you raw. Perhaps you could purchase sashimi quality salmon in your meals. This would be a great adventure if it is new. If not it will benefit your health and you could create your own adventures.

      Your comment was thoughtful. Much appreciated.

  4. DeniseDenise

    All your suggestions in this article are spot on by what research I have done. The one thing I haven’t tried yet is the Palm sugar. Can that be used for baking? I will do a search about it. Something that I found was wonderful and interesting in using coconut oil for popcorn in my machine is that it wipes away clean from the glass and gives the popcorn a great flavor. Other oils leave a film that is nearly impossible to get off. I figure if it is that clean on the machine, it must be cleaner for our bodies.
    Thank you Robert for your articles, research and sharing.
    Have a great day!

    • Hi Denise! It looks like we have some choices in common. That is a good thing.

      Your experience with coconut oil & popcorn brings back memories. Great analogy that applies to Organics overall. As you detailed it is a great comfort knowing my food is clean.

      Finally, I appreciate the Thanks! You deserve one back. Thank you for a great comment Denise.

      • Hi Denise.

        Just touching base.

        Have you given Palm Sugar a try since your last reply? Particularly interested if you have put to the cooking test.

        I have had great results so far and encourage you again to check it out.

        Really appreciate your comments and looking forward to your next comment.

        All the Best.


  5. L7L7

    I love your information … very interesting, and very helpful!
    My sister believes that there is no such thing as “organic” because of the pollutants carried by the air. If this is the case, and I am not sure I agree with it, at least you know you’re not getting GMO’s with organic foods.

    • Robert ClackRobert Clack

      Thanks for the comment. I do hope that the article was helpful to you.

      Our food is effected by so many things it is critical we know as much as we can of its origin and history. GMO’s is an issue that is known. Studies have verified the danger.

      Your sisters comment to you fits with my concern that we live with every day. A broken food system that are breaking an entire country with devastating effects.

      Painting a broader example of the consequences is this…. We are the sickest country in the World with the most expensive health system in the World. Now this reality makes sense only if you accept what is in front of us every day. What we eat is what we become (health). Quality food not Fake food is the answer. Our food system is corrupt. The results are in.

      I care. Please take your Health seriously. No one else will.

  6. Tanya6Tanya6

    Wow! Thank you for the information on organic foods. I have been trying to sustain a organic lifestyle but sometimes I don’t know what to trust being truly organic and have not had time to do much research. Reading your site has bought this to the forefront of my research again. I will be a frequent visitor.

    • Robert ClackRobert Clack

      Thanks for the comment. Trust? At least Organic Certification takes some of the worry over GMO, Monsanto, and most pesticides, fertilizers. To add further trust stay away from the major manufactures and visit or purchase from the local Farmer or CSA.

      Your mention of research is the best alternative. In addition, as a frequent visitor I try to offer select organics available to visitors. All the best and a big THANK YOU.

  7. JodiJodi

    Thanks for the valuable information on organic foods. I have always wondered if they are worth the extra cost. You have highlighted some benefits that make me want to give organic a try especially the article “Does Eating Organic Help You Lose Weight?” I think I will give it a go!

    • Robert ClackRobert Clack

      Hi Jodi. Thanks for stopping by.

      Welcome to Organic Hangout and we are glad to here you are going to “give is a go”!

      We only get one body and it is important take care of as best we can. Consequences of not doing that are very harsh! I once heard this saying, “Quality seldom costs as much as it saves”. Our food is perhaps the best example of that.

      All the Best! Have a Healthy Day!

      • Hi Jodi. Hope all things are going well for you.

        Just want to check in and see if you have read the article you mentioned in the last post If you decide to read the article I think it would benefit you with the information available.

        Whole Foods is a terrific way to improve our diet. Organic Whole Foods makes it a bit healthier, to help eliminate some risk. Either way it is important for us continue our awareness. Thank you for that desire.

        Have a Healthy, Happy Day!

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